Minimum for Financed Emissions

Clarity and visibility over emissions across your organization’s investments. Use data supplied by portfolio companies directly, or high-level industry benchmarks.

Financed Emissions

For organizations with significant investments, financed emissions are often the largest parts of the footprint – and the hardest to measure.

Financial institutions are under increasing pressure to include Scope 3 categories – including Scope 3 Category 15 (Investments) – in their carbon accounting and management regimes.

Coupled with increasing regulation and moves towards carbon-linked investment practices, it’s a pressing issue for investment and portfolio managers across the globe.

It’s no longer sufficient to have a high-level visibility over the total carbon footprint. Organizations now need a fully-auditable, in-depth view across their investments and concrete plans to decarbonise across the value chain.

Key Challenges

Portfolio emissions are out of your organization’s direct control

Emissions data gathered from multiple investments across portfolio

Multiple ways of calculating emissions across portfolio

How Minimum Helps

Collaborate with investment companies directly

Portfolio companies can input primary emissions data directly into Minimum.

Estimate with industry benchmarks

Fill portfolio data gaps – calculate high-level emissions using best-practice industry benchmarks.

Choose which emissions to go deep on

Mix-and-match approaches for each portfolio based on available data, footprint materiality and appetite for analysis.

Valuable insights for real impact

Minimum enriches your data collected for more powerful insights – from trends over time to industry benchmarking – to simplify reporting, disclosure and the decarbonization journey.

Financed Emissions

Centralized data for easy collaboration.

Collaborate effectively with a shared system of record for carbon.

Fully future-proof solution.

Get started today, and prepare for tomorrow. Minimum’s platform ensures you’re never caught out by evolving climate requirements.

The only truly Enterprise-ready platform.

Minimum manages the complex structure and activities of large organizations.

World-class experts at your disposal.

Minimum is your partner for the journey, providing expert guidance and support for your organization and people.