Minimum is the Enterprise system of record for carbon emissions.

Comply with government regulation and investor demands, prepare for audit requirements, and integrate the fundamentals of carbon accounting into your business processes with minimal disruption.

Nail the fundamentals with Enterprise-grade Carbon Accounting functionality.

Minimum is the single source of truth for all of your organization's Greenhouse Gas-related data. Set up a baseline you can trust on an ongoing basis while satisfying your Carbon Accounting requirements with ease.

System of Record for Carbon Emissions

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Single source of truth

Granular data at the activity level

Scale & flexibility for the complexity your business

Dynamic and up-to-date

Distributed data ingestion

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Calculations that work for your organization

Collect data from every corner of the business

Tackle indirect Supply Chain or Investment emissions

Track data collection in real-time

System of Record

Meet every reporting standard by default

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Respond to regulatory or stakeholder requirements

Have confidence in your position

De-risk against future reporting standards

Prevent carbon audit requirements blindsiding your organization

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Remove risk from carbon emission audit requirements

Explain every single number

Prepare for audit

Audit Complete
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Jason Daniels
Audit Complete
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Ashley Mac
Audit Complete
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William Penn
Audit Complete
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Jamie Saunders
2022 Carbon Footprint
Audit Complete
Includes Scope 1, Scope 2, and selected Scope 3 categories

Carbon Accounting is just the beginning.

Minimum is the robust foundation you need to satisfy your organization's Carbon Accounting requirements. But the work doesn't stop there.

Minimum also provides you with best-in-class Carbon Management solutions to ensure that you're well-equipped to tackle topics such as decarbonization, Net Zero planning, and more.

Fully enterprise-ready

Minimum software supplements a solid Carbon Accounting core with an extensive suite of capabilities to allow an organization to fulfil its Carbon Management requirements with ease.
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