Supercharge and streamline audits with Minimum’s innovative carbon accounting and management platform, and provide client assurance with greater efficiency.

Deliver maximum client value

Empower clients with Minimum’s best in class carbon accounting and management platform.

A centralized dataset

Conduct audits around a carbon system of record, mapped to the organization structure.

Smooth, transparent workflows

Now audits manage themselves – stakeholders have full, real-time visibility throughout the process.

World-class expertise

Benefit from Minimum’s world-class sustainability expertise, while continuing to own the client relationship.

How Minimum supports the Auditors service journey


Clear, consistent emissions data

Minimum enables high-quality emissions data to be captured consistently by stakeholders across the organization, with granular data at the activity level.

A central carbon system of record

Work from a single, consolidated dataset for carbon accounting – standardized emissions data across all activities, mirrored to the organizational structure.

Smooth, transparent audit process

Manage workflows with ease, and give stakeholders full visibility over the audit process – from calculation methodologies through to upcoming milestones.

Audits completed more efficiently than ever

With less time spent on data collection, analysis and reporting, audits are completed with maximum efficiency and in record time.


Centralized data for easy collaboration.

Collaborate effectively with a shared system of record for carbon.

Fully future-proof solution.

Get started today, and prepare for tomorrow. Minimum’s platform ensures you’re never caught out by evolving climate requirements.

The only truly Enterprise-ready platform.

Minimum manages the complex structure and activities of large organizations.

World-class experts at your disposal.

Minimum is your partner for the journey, providing expert guidance and support for your organization and people.

Scale and flexibility trusted by the world’s largest organisations.

Minimum software supplements a solid Carbon Accounting core with an extensive suite of capabilities to allow an organisation to fulfil its Carbon Management requirements with ease.
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