Best-in-class carbon accounting & reporting software for your fund

How does Minimum For Investors work?

Effective Sustainability management and reporting is the new necessity for Investment funds. Our clients are using Minimum to seamlessly monitor, moderate and report on the Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 carbon emissions across both their Fund and their entire portfolio. Leverage our 100% GHG Protocol compliant software to set science-based Net Zero targets and easily report against TCFD, SFDR and other best-in-class reporting frameworks.

Fund carbon accounting & management
Portfolio deep dive
Sustainability reporting, assurances & disclosures
Science-based targets and decarbonisation
Support your portfolio

Carbon accounting tailored for Investment Funds

Minimum's carbon accounting software is tailor-made for Investment funds, and is 100% compliant with the GHG Protocol, and TCFD and SFDR frameworks. Our software seamlessly integrates with your internal systems to help you easily understand your Fund's emissions across Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 to the highest reporting standards with full auditability.

Go deep on your portfolio

On average, over 90% of an Investment Fund's emissions exist within their portfolio (Scope 3, Category 15). Minimum's Portfolio Deep Dive tool allows you to easily extract Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions data from all your portfolio companies with minimal burden to them. Simply distribute our self-serve Portfolio Carbon Accounting tool to your portfolio companies and let Minimum’s sophisticated engine take care of the rest in collaboration with your portfolio.

Best-in-class sustainability reporting and disclosures

Minimum’s output facility enables you to generate detailed on-demand reports that are both stakeholder-ready and fully aligned with every major financial sustainability reporting framework (TCFD, SFDR – Article 8, EU Taxonomy, and more). Go beyond simple compliance with fully-customisable report generation that gives you the tools to create the content and materials you need to keep your LPs, employees, and portfolio companies alike in the loop on your sustainability journey.

Help your portfolio

Minimum allows you to provide value-adding support to your portfolio companies as they each determine how best to engage with sustainability, and begins a journey towards Net Zero. Prepare your portfolio for the next stages of growth story with market-ready and M&A-ready standard tracking, reporting and target setting from day 1.

How Minimum for Investors can benefit your business

Carbon accounting tailored for investment
Go deep on your portfolio
Science-based targets and decarbomisation
Best-in-class sustainability reporting & disclosures
Help your portfolio
Scopes 1-3
HQ deep dive
Human capital-centric
Delegated data gathering
Aggregate view
Data export
Carbon intensity metrics
EU taxonomy
Custom reports
Accessible sustainability action

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