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Learning how Minimum helped Leven Hotel go carbon neutral and become a sustainability leader in the hospitality space.
Leven Hotel

Learning how Minimum helped Leven Hotel go carbon neutral and become a sustainability leader in the hospitality space.


The urgency of climate change and the need for rapid carbon emission reductions has been recognised by governments and businesses across the world. Customers are also now voting with their wallets. They expect the businesses they buy their goods from, where they travel to, and where they stay to be as sustainable possible. Leven understand this and want to lead the way for hotels in sustainability by becoming Carbon Neutral. This will be done through a combination of reducing emissions as much as possible and then purchasing high quality carbon offsets.

The Story of Leven

Leven is a new hotel based in Manchester which has a focus on spaces designed to allow customers to inspire and embrace every second of their stay. The concept of the hotel is also built on flexibility, allowing customers to shape their stay to best fit their needs. The hotel’s focus on beautifully designed spaces also highlights the importance of sustainability. This goes beyond just sustainable design but to the heart of the hotel’s operations.

The opportunity for Leven to become Carbon Neutral

To become a carbon neutral hotel, Leven needed a way of accurately calculating a baseline carbon footprint for their own operations and the footprint of the whole value chain. Hotels have relatively intensive energy use on site, with heating and electricity making up significant amount of the emissions. However, in addition to this, hotels have a lot of emissions associated with their value chain, for example, all the goods that they purchase such as food and drink, as well as services such as laundry and cleaning. Understanding these emissions means collecting the data, turning this into a carbon footprint and then tracking the footprint over time.

Minimum set Leven up with the following to help this:

  • Internal processes to collect data through an online portal system. This helped assign data collection responsibilities and tracked which data was outstanding.
  • Bespoke tech solutions to automate the calculation and tracking of Leven’s own operational emissions and the emissions of the value chain.
  • A results and reporting dashboard which allowed Leven to analyse their footprint on a regular basis and develop a strategic carbon reduction roadmap.
  • High quality, vetted offset projects to allow Leven to become a Carbon Neutral hotel.

Why Leven Chose Minimum

Minimum combines its bespoke tech solutions and access to carbon footprinting experts to create a compliant baseline footprint and then automate the data collection and footprint calculation processes to provide deep insight into their own operations, their supply chain, or other parts of the Scope 3 footprint, such as capital goods or employee commuting.

These results can then be updated through automated processes on a regular basis once the initial baselining has been conducted. This allows hotels to effectively engage with all stakeholders, develop effective targeted carbon reduction plans, all on their journeys to net zero.

Minimum also has a suite of offsetting projects which are regularly reviewed and are only chosen if they are inline with the Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting.

The Results

Leven now have a bespoke software solution which enables them to aggregate data from multiple sources to create a full carbon footprint across their whole value chain, and then automatically offset those emissions. The results and reporting dashboard developed by Minimum allows Leven to:

  • Effectively track emissions with deep insight into emission hotspots.
  • Focus carbon reduction initiatives on the areas of the business model which will lead to more material impacts.
  • Meet the increasing expectations of investors, customers, employees and other stakeholders.
  • Use the results as an effective communication tool to highlight the impacts of all the good work the hotel is doing and competitive advantage.
  • Become a Carbon Neutral Hotel

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