Building the software stack to get the world to Net Zero carbon emissions before it's too late.

Climate change is the most pressing problem facing our planet today. 0.01% of the world’s businesses are responsible for 40% of the entire planet’s carbon emissions. These businesses are complex and have an enormous challenge managing their carbon footprint —  they are actively spending billions of dollars on solutions in this space. Still, their solutions are low-fidelity, static, and backwards-looking.
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Who we are

Minimum is a multi-disciplinary team of people from the fields of carbon footprinting, software engineering, sustainability science, user experience (UX) design, management consulting, and more.

Our people have backgrounds from places like The Carbon Trust, Monzo, The Boston Consulting Group, Harvard Business School, Gymshark, The University of Oxford, Accenture, CircleCI, Multiverse, and more. We bridge the gap between environmental science, sustainability management, and high-growth SaaS startups: convening a brilliant bunch of people to make a real difference in the climate crisis.

how we work

Working at Minimum

Solve the planet’s most important problem, at pace.
At Minimum we’re tackling the most urgent issue facing our planet. We work hard, fast, and to an unparalleled degree of excellence — to build the solutions the world needs, before it’s too late. Our challenging work has real impact.
Work alongside smart, driven and motivated people.
Each member of the Minimum team is deeply credible in their various fields of expertise, from software engineering to product footprinting, we’re a multi-disciplinary bunch. But what every Minimiser has in common is a deep intellectual curiosity, a quiet modesty, and a fierce drive to create something world-changing.
We are a team that care about the work and care about each other.
We give a damn. We insist on creating brilliance while ensuring that each person on the team is able to flourish. We care about psychological safety, being kind to one another, and having genuine trust as a team.
Do your best work and grow.
Minimum is a place to excel. Our people have the mandate to work on novel solutions to fascinating, important problems. They will push themselves, test new ideas, and spearhead new initiatives in pursuit of excellence and personal growth.
how it's going

Our progress so far

We are already serving a number of large complex companies today — think publicly listed companies or multi-national conglomerates. Our customers are primarily in Europe and the USA. We’re backed by world-class investors such as Y Combinator (early investors in Stripe, Airbnb, Brex, etc), Octopus Ventures, and more.

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