Plug-and-play sustainability for businesses.

Minimum lets any business start the journey to net-zero, in minutes.
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A snippet of Minimum's API
go carbon neutral today

Carbon neutral with one snippet of code.

With a single API call we calculate the carbon footprint of your products (or pretty much anything!), and automatically neutralise the impact through market-leading carbon removal projects.

We are currently working on a no-code version of Minimum! Notify me

Be done in minutes. It's that easy!

Be done in minutes.
It's that easy!

1. You decide what you want to neutralise.
2. Embed Minimum's API on your website.
3. We'll take it from there! We ensure your funds reach the best offsetting projects around the world.
embed sustainability into every touchpoint

Give your customers control over their carbon footprint

Integrate carbon information on every product with a single API, and let your customers offset purchases at the point of checkout. Use our simple API to build your own eco-conscious integrations, or just grab our plug-and-play widgets, and you'll be ready to roll.

We are currently working on a no-code version of Minimum! Notify me

How does it work?


Use the Minimum API to provide your visitors with insights about your product's carbon footprint.


Give your customers the opportunity to make a difference by embedding options that allow carbon offsetting in your checkout.

Generate content to boost your brand

Today's consumers don't want companies to just talk the talk; they want them to walk the walk. Minimum's API provides you with a way to prove to your customers that you're putting in the work. Good for your brand, better for our planet.
lead the market in traceability

Get amazingly detailed insights

Knowledge is power. Become a leader in environmental brand-awareness by breaking the environmental impact of your products down into real numbers. Use these insights to find high-impact opportunities for emissions reduction and plan your net-zero strategy.

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fund the best projects

Access market leading offsetting projects

Our projects use cutting-edge techniques to maximise your impact and provide full transparency to your customers.

Solar Power Plant 
in the Dominican Republic

Efficient Cook Stoves In Kenya

Wind Farm in Turkey

Community Reforestation in Nicaragua

Your project here?

We’re always looking for new initiatives to add to our roster. Send us an email via

Is Minimum for me and my company?

about minimum

Meet the team

Minimum exists to integrate sustainability solutions into everyday life.

Sustainability is the most pressing challenge the world faces. Consumers, employees and investors are demanding action. Minimum provides businesses a way to act on sustainability by providing high-impact, low-friction ways to integrate sustainability into their customer experience.

co-founder & coo

Freddie Green

Freddie Green leads our Science & Data team. Prior to Minimum, Freddie worked as an operations consultant at Newton where he specialised in using data to drive value for clients across industries. Freddie has a first-class Masters degree in Physics from the University of Oxford, where he specialised in Climate Science.

co-founder & cEo

Freddie Evans

Freddie Evans leads our Business Development team. Prior to Minimum, Freddie worked in Venture Capital at Augmentum. Before that, Freddie was a Strategy Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), specialising in eCommerce for Retail, and at BCG Digital Ventures, focusing on sustainability projects.

Co-founder, CPO / CTO

Chris Winchurch

Chris Winchurch leads our Product & Engineering team. Prior to Minimum, Chris was a Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), specialising in data-heavy Consumer projects. Chris has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College London, and dropped out of a Harvard MBA to co-found Minimum.