This is what modern Enterprise carbon management looks like.

Minimum provides a single system of record to give total visibility of emissions and complete control over every aspect of carbon management.
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Minimum's real-time platform is your single source of truth for carbon accounting, and your control center for all carbon management activities.

Single source of truth

One place for all emissions-related data, analysis & management.

Automatic reporting

Satisfy current and future reporting standards with ease.

Always-on auditability

Automatic electronic audit-trail for unparalleled confidence.

Scalable & flexible data collection

Ingest all the data you need to, from any place, in any format.

Powerful carbon management capabilities

Everything you need to move beyond analysis and into action.

Built for scale, trusted by Enterprise.

Minimum is the trusted partner of large, complex organizations globally.
"Minimum has really understood our complex business model. The solution calculates and tracks our footprint, shows our progress, and highlights where we can have the most material impact. It's been crucial in developing our reduction strategy."
Lucy Ronan
Impact and Sustainability Manager
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Innovations that keep Emissions visible and under control.

A central ledger of your greenhouse gas activities to future-proof your business

Minimum precisely mirrors the structure of your business, your activities, and your carbon footprint. Collect data from all corners of the organization and external stakeholders to create a single source of truth for carbon. Set yourself up for success in activities such as footprint analysis, reduction management, and more.

Carbon accounting excellence, automated.

Minimum solves all carbon accounting needs for a modern day organization. Create disclosures, meet audit requirements, and monitor your Sustainability Posture. A platform to meet your requirements today, while being prepared for the needs of tomorrow.
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Your control center for Decarbonization, Net Zero, and Carbon Management.

One platform to create a high-impact climate plan, identify and implement the best ROI decarbonization initiatives, track progress towards goals, and create accountability throughout your organization.
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Target Setting

Scenario Analysis

Reduction Initiatives

Transition Plans

Net Zero Tracking

Central Visibility

Data Collection Automation


Single Source of Truth


Expert support every step of the way.

Our team of experts is on hand to guide you at every step of the way. From setting the boundaries of your carbon footprint, all the way through to advising on Net Zero and reduction strategies.

Benefits of Minimum

Centralize data with full security.

Minimum’s infrastructure solution is built to be completely robust & secure.

The only truly Enterprise-ready platform.

Minimum manages the complex structure & activities of large organisations.

Fully future-proof solution.

Get started today, and prepare for tomorrow. Minimum’s platform ensures you’re never caught out by evolving climate requirements.

World-class experts at your disposal.

Minimum is your partner for the journey, providing expert guidance and support for your organisation and people.
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Scale and flexibility trusted by the world’s largest organizations.

Minimum's software supplements a solid Carbon Accounting core with an extensive suite of capabilities to allow an organization to meet its Carbon Management goals with ease.
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